Multicytes New 2018 Website


After helping so many people in 2017 get their WordPress sites up we thought we would turn our custom coded site into a WordPress site. We gave our site a quick update using a premium WordPress theme, we are loving it at the moment.

We voted and it was unanimous, our site was going to be a parallax one-page portfolio site that we can build on as time permits.  The developers at Multicytes love to program so we opted not to use a frontend builder or Divi which we would normally add to your sites to help make your life easier in the tech world. We did, however, opt to add a few premium plugins to give them a bit of a test run….and because we are on limited time to build our own site.

Whilst we loved our custom coded site and we have kept the files close by (just in case) it was a few years old and needed to be given a little facelift. Our new site is very different and we hope you guys like it so far.

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